Brioche LogoBrioche Limited is a bakery/cafe company that began its operations in Rwanda in May 2013. It combines a retail side that is a blend between a casual cafe, a neighbourhood bakery and a boutique coffee shop, with a wholesale side that delivers high-quality frozen, ready-to-bake products to the hospitality industry.


Date of initial investment

December 2015


Kigali, Rwanda

Business description

Brioche serves Rwanda’s top hotels and caterers with high-quality pastry and bakery products, and operates three high-end cafés in Kigali.  Brioche sources high-quality raw materials locally from smallholder farmers.

Investment rationale

Support a company with sustainable competitive advantages and a strong management team to expand beyond Rwanda.

Drivers of social impact

Brioche sources a majority of its raw materials from cooperatives representing 500 Rwandese smallholder farmers. These partnerships will be further developed with support from Voxtra’s technical assistance facility, funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), to ensure that smallholder farmers benefit as the company continues to grow.

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