Western Seed Company

Western-Seed-Company-logoWestern Seed Company has been a pioneer in the Kenyan seed industry for more than 15 years, playing a leading role in promoting improved maize seed to smallholder farmers in Kenya.


Date of initial investment

December 2012

Date of exit

August 2016


Kitale, Kenya

Business description

WSC is Kenya’s largest privately owned seed company and has a 15 year track record in maize seed production and sales. The company currently sells seed to about 300,000 smallholders through a network of distributors, primarily in Western Kenya. The company has proprietary seed varieties developed through its R&D program.

Investment rationale

In tandem with co-investors, Voxtra is funding an expansion with the aim of doubling production over the next five to seven years. The company generates very high impact by reaching large number of smallholders with improved maize seed.

Drivers of social impact

Provision of hybrid maize seed to large number of smallholders. Expected yield improvement of >1 ton per hectare compared to farm-saved seed.

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