The Voxtra Foundation

The Voxtra Foundation was established in 2008 with the mission to empower disadvantaged people to lift themselves out of poverty.  

In 2008-09, the Foundation engaged in several grant-funded programs in Kenya, India and Cambodia, focusing on social enterprises that had collected solid evidence on the effectiveness of their approach, reached a certain scale (typically 3-10 MUSD in annual expenditures), built high-quality systems for financial management and impact monitoring, attracted highly skilled managers and built a track-record of good cooperation with all relevant stakeholders. You can read more about some of these programs below.

In 2011, the Foundation initiated the Voxtra East Africa Agribusiness Fund, and shifted its focus from grant-funded philanthropy to impact investments. To manage the fund the Foundation established Voxtra AS in 2011 and supports its daughter company in the activities as manager. For the time being the Foundation is not making grants to new programs.


Selected partners and projects:

Hand in Hand, India

Program: Micro-entrepreneurship program in rural areas of Tamil Nadu, India.
Main targets: Create or expand 42,000 family-based enterprises and 550 small enterprises.
Investment: $ 1,650,000 grant.
Share: Voxtra’s share of the program is 68%.
Approach: In this four-year program, Hand in Hand will enroll 52,000 poor women into self-help groups. Hand in Hand believes that financial capital, social capital and knowledge must be combined in order to unleash the full potential of entrepreneurial rural women. Therefore, they deliver customized training and hands-on mentoring to the self-help group members. Read more…


International Development Enterprises, India (IDEI) 

Program: Micro-irrigation program in rural areas of Assam, India.
Main targets: Increase the net annual cash income of 17,000 smallholder farmer families by an average of $400.
Investment: $1,030,000 grant.
Share: Voxtra’s share of the program is 100%.
Approach: In this six-year program, IDEI will set up a sustainable supply chain of commercial manufacturers, distributors and dealers to market treadle pumps to smallholder farmers at affordable prices, enabling the farmers to cultivate two irrigated crops per year in addition to the rain-fed crop during the monsoon, and diversify from staple crops to high-value crops such as vegetables. Read more…


KickStart International

Program: Micro-irrigation program in Kenya.
Main targets: Increase the net annual income of 33,000 farmer families by $300-$1,000.
Investment: $1,320,000 grant.
Share: Voxtra’s share of the program is approximately 20%.
Approach: KickStart promotes manual irrigation technologies that enable smallholder farmers to do agriculture year-round, and grow higher value crops like fruits and vegetables. Pumps are distributed through commercial channels. KickStart’s activities include development of irrigation technologies, building awareness among smallholder farmers about the benefits of irrigation, and strengthening the capacity of the agri-vet shops that retail the pumps. Voxtra will support this program for three years. Read more…

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